April 4, 2017


Please note the positions described in these posts may not reflect official positions of the Creative Commons USA chapter.

  • A Quick Interview on OER
    Last month, Creative Commons USA’s Outreach and Policy Manager, Ethan Senack, spoke on a webinar hosted by SPARC. The purpose of the virtual meeting was to provide those in attendance with best practices for communicating and educating OER stakeholders on open licensing. Here are some of the questions, and answers offered by Ethan. How do you incorporate teaching stakeholders about open licensing when you meet with them in various settings? ES: We focus heavily on copyright education and making […]
  • Can You Read Your State’s Laws?
    When is the last time you thought to look up your state’s official code, otherwise known the binding laws on the books that you are expected to abide by? If you live in states other than California, Florida, Massachusetts, or Virginia, trying to get your hands or eyes on a free copy of your state’s legally binding codes may prove to be a difficult task because of copyright protections. The Patent & Copyright clause appears in Article I, Section 8, Clause 8 of the US Constitution and gives […]
  • Brief Read: OPEN Government Data Act
    One of the pillars of the Creative Commons movement is championing #OpenData, and late last year, the US Government took a sizeable step toward that end. In December of last year, Congress passed the Open, Public, Electronic, and Necessary (OPEN) Government Data Act. So what exactly does that mean for the American people? Three things: Access to Data, Nonpartisan Oversight, & Calibrations. Access to Data The language from the bill reads as follows: “(Sec. 5) This bill requires government […]

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