April 4, 2017


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  • Open Data Needed To Build Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust
    By Prathima Appaji   Much of the public discourse around Artificial Intelligence (AI) largely focuses on either the following two scenarios; the threat it poses to mankind or; the promise of scientific and technological leaps that can be achieved with the help of these machines. At the same time, privacy concerns are high, and data protection laws – such as the Data Protection Act of the UK – are being strengthened around the world. However: our reality already involves superintelligent machines influencing our economics, societies, and politics, and we haven’t seen any […]
  • Find Us On Facebook!
    Creative Commons USA is very pleased to announce the creation of our Facebook Page, @CreativeCommonsUSA. We’re hoping Facebook will help us reach a broader audience and add a new platform for discourse around access to knowledge. What you’ll find: Updates about our chapter, and the broader Creative Commons Global Network; upcoming events; and commentary on timely developments in open education, open access, and open data. We’ll also recognize interesting cultural works, research studies, and educational resources that are published under an open license. Find us at: @CreativeCommonsUSA […]
  • Open Data and Agriculture: Looking Towards the Future
    By Asha Velay Data is a part of our everyday lives. Most industries collect relevant data about their markets and use it to improve business practices and/or solve problems in that industry or community. The agriculture industry is no different – they have increasingly turned to open data to assist in crop production. One third of America’s food supply is discarded every year due to uncertainty about weather, pests and inefficiencies in planting, harvesting, water use and trucking, as well as uncertainty about weather, pests, consumer demand. Open data can help address this problem be […]

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