How We’re Growing + Invitation to Join!

As you may have already heard, the CC Global Network is undergoing a significant restructuring (you can read more about it here). In keeping with Creative Commons’ shared goals of improved collaboration and inclusion, we are publicly opening our doors to practitioners, advocates, and organizers across the world – not just around OER, but open access to research, open culture, and open data as well. Our goal is to empower advocates already doing great work, give new people an entry point to the open community, and build a stronger support network around open licensing.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we are offering some new ways of getting more involved with Creative Commons and its community.

Network Platforms and Other Channels. Platforms are collaborative spaces where practitioners and advocates will be able to share ideas and work together to have a worldwide impact. The platforms are open to anyone willing to contribute and develop usable, vibrant and collaborative global Commons. Also join the #cc-unitedstates slack channel to stay up to date on US happenings and opportunities as the network grows.

CC Network Membership. We have created a membership model for those interested in formally participating in the decision-making and governance of the CC network. Membership is not required for participation in CC projects, and it is only open to those with a track record as an active contributor to the CC movement that supports the Network Charter.  If you’re new to this community, we encourage you to spend time contributing in platforms or even attend a summit before you apply. All formal CC network members in the United States will be coordinated through the US chapter. Individuals and institutions can apply here.

CC Global Summit. The CC Global Summit is now an annual event. The Summit provides leaders, stakeholders, and the broader open community an opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas and expertise. This year’s event will focus on empowering new contributors to get involved and have impact. You’re invited to join us in Toronto this April. We expect we’ll sell out.

During the upcoming weeks, our team will be working to help new members join the network and will organize the first formal meeting of the USA chapter. By mid-2018, the CC Global Network Council – made up of delegates from each country chapter, the main body for international network governance – will hold its first meeting.

We are excited for this new iteration of our Network and look forward to working with you all.


1. Join the CC Slack:

Once you’re there, “Add Channels” for issues areas you’re interested in. Try:




Or connect with other US open community members on #cc-unitedstates!

2. Let us know if you’d like more information about getting involved:

3. Questions about the membership process, or other opportunities? Email us at




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