CC’s Next Generation Licenses — Welcome Version 4.0!

[From Diane Peters, General Counsel, Creative Commons, Link (CC-BY)] We proudly introduce our 4.0 licenses, now available for adoption worldwide. The 4.0 licenses — more than two years in the making — are the most global, legally robust licenses produced by CC to date. We have incorporated dozens of improvements that make sharing and reusing CC-licensed materials easier and[…]

Statement by CC-USA Director Michael Carroll on the Introduction of the Affordable College Textbook Act in the House

Yesterday, Representatives Hinojosa and Miller introduced the Affordable College Textbook Act. The text mirrors that of the Senate bill introduced last week by Senators Durbin and Franken (see CC-USA’s statement on the Senate bill here). The Affordable College Textbook Act would provide funding for the creation of textbooks, which would be made available to the[…]

Creative Commons USA Applauds the Introduction of the Affordable College Textbook Ace

Senators Dick Durbin and Al Franken today introduced the Affordable College Textbook Act, which directs the Secretary of Education to fund the creation of college textbooks and materials to be made available under open licenses.  The licenses will allow students and educators to “access, reproduce, publicly perform, publicly display, adapt, distribute, and otherwise use the[…]